Recent Photos

  • Sleeping toddler

    A blink of an eye, she's now a toddler. A sleeping toddler is really good at doing “stunts” we adults don’t get to do anymore. Their sleep is a magnet that draws you despite having a million things to do. But sometimes when they sleep there’s where we sleep too.

  • SEA Aquarium

    Reef Manta Ray, Mobula alfredi

  • Millenia Walk

    This building need no introduction, It was designed by Johnson/Burgee Architects (USA). Burgee eased Johnson out of the firm in 1991, and when it subsequently went into liquidation, Burgee's design career was essentially over and he retired. What’s left is one of its kind here with its imposing pyramidal chimney roof.

  • DUO Tower

    DUO won the Silver award in the “Best Futura Project” category at MIPIM Asia Awards 2012. It is a JV project, 60-40 between Malaysia and Singapore. Ole Scheeren (Germany) was the architect for this 39-storey twin towers. A net-like hexagonal honey-combed sunshades laced the exterior skin of the building. The tower is further sculpted to feature odd setbacks. They were also the chief designer for The Interlaced and the impressive MahaNakhon (Bangkok).

  • Moon Jellies

    Often found swimming in groups, they live in temperate and coastal waters of Atlantic Ocean. They feed on zooplankton.

  • Centennial Tower

    This eye catchy façade is a recladding job. The external skin is dressed in an intricate randomized web of metal sheets. The owner won the appealed judgement with the recladding cost funded by the main contractor and former facade contractor after two stones panels weighing more than 100kg each fell off the building. Architect: Morphosis Architects (USA)

  • The Gateway

    This unmistakeable building is most recognised for its crystalline pair of twin towers with distinct sharp corner of any building you may find here. Designed by I.M. Pei, a Chinese-American borned in Shanghai, was known for signature projects such as the Bank of China (HK) and the Louvre Pyramid (Paris). For the latter, the French didn’t able to find their own local creative designers. Against all odds, Pei won. I was there almost 25 yrs ago, admiring one of the most intricate tensioned cable design. His initial foray here was etching his name Pei, in chinese 貝, that resembled the iconic OCBC HQ. This was the very first building involving an international architect here that eventually opened the gates to other distinguished foreign architects. He died at a ripe old age 102.

  • Swissotel The Stamford

    Formally known as the Westin Stamford, it was the tallest hotel in the world at that time standing at 73 storeys. However, it still remains the tallest in SEA. The hotel forms part of the Raffles City Complex. The whole master plan was also designed by I.M. Pei. During the old Westin Stamford days, a vertical marathon was held annually, running all the way up 73 storeys. A minimum fee of $73 was payable which went to charity. I participated in 1987 and 88, with a time of 10m 52s and 11m 48s respectively. I remembered in my first attempt, the winner was a local singh clocked around 6.5 min. In the 1980s, the Westin was a popular venue holding hi-fi exhibition for audiophiles in individual hotel rooms with beds removed. We will hop fr room to room. That was the only chance I stepped foot into the rooms. This photo was shot using Live View Compo, hence rendering unpredictable cloud pattern.

  • An Akhara

    It was a dimly lit place, only rely on natural lights with little it can provide. It has a small pit, seems like disused, and housed many cheap and unorthodox weights for workouts. Surely it's a precious gym for them.

  • Proboscis Monkey

    They always look as if they are pregnant. They feed mainly on leaves, which are hard to digest. Their enlarged stomach contains bacteria to help break down cellulose in the leaves, and to remove any poisons found in some of the leaves.

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