Recent Photos

  • Closed shop. Buay da han laio.

  • Protecting Gucci

  • Public spaces were taped up to prevent sitting and loitering.

  • Precious moment

    This was a chance encounter with my grand daughter Grayce (abt one mth old) relaxing on mummy’s thigh. The first few pics were haphazardly shot with hp. Then I realised this can be a wow moment. Quickly grabbed my cam to seize the chance. Pic was edited to possess an ethereal beauty and dreamlike feeling.

  • Star Vista.

  • The usual bustling Chinatown with its 3D painting on the pavement was depleted of customers.

  • There was an eerie stillness of public spaces, emptied of the crowds they were built for.

  • Tireless woman

    This poor aged woman with contorted spine still need to work.

  • Demarcation to boost our anti-social habits!

  • Safety tape to direct your flow.

  • Covid 19

    No sit in, all must take away

  • No dinning in at all.

  • This uncle blatantly defy regulation for sitting down right in front of an enforcement officer. Guessed he managed to circumvent by sitting on the divider.

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