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  • 20 pictures of my photos were exhibited in Fujian, 2012. My theme for this display was "Minimalist". The famous photographer Michael Freeman incidentally also took part.

  • Perseverance

  • Lotus flower 3

  • Looking thru' a car windscreen during a heavy rain.

  • These pair were paddling hurriedly in circles ceaselessly for about 15 mins, kicking up a fuss of waves and creating ripples of streaky shinning lines in the foreground. i just loved the pattern.

  • Lily

  • It's habitual for them to spend time to preen, surrounded by yet another glistering water full of contrast.

  • Fungi 3

  • Skeleton 1

  • One of my favorite swan pics.

  • Waiting - Men relay 1500m (SEA Games 2015)

  • Curcuma - Ginger flower 2

  • Swans taken at various timings

  • It was windless and both were concentrating on their preening, but yet seems to enjoy each other companionship. The approaching dusky hour provides the bluish hue and the almost perfect mirror reflection was a bonus for any photographer.

  • Miss Ukraine

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