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    Clay Isbell

    on November 3, 2008

    Wow! I've never seen this before. Thanks for sharing the pics. I can use another hobby...

  • Guest

    on July 26, 2008

    Very unique and interesting. How was this done i am thinking that there were lights with in the kite or attached to the kite

    thanks for sharing
    'Shoot and shoot often'

  • kitvan

    on July 26, 2008

    very trippy!! that's great man

  • Tim

    on July 26, 2008

    Very cool pictures, nice setting against the backdrop of the offices.

    You can get lights that fit on kites, they are small magnetic led about 10mm round, you just place one half on side of the kite and the other half on the other side and the magnetic bit fixes to the kite.

  • Guest

    on July 26, 2008

    Those images rank a 10 on the cool factor.
    I would like to try my hand at flying and shooting those! Great work

  • david-low

    on July 26, 2008

    They called the brand as "Nite Kite". You're right. It has a front propeller and fly by remote. Battery is small to lighten weight and last only 20 mins. These guys brough about 10 batteries with them for a night of fun.

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